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Say something so I can make sure this thing is working.

Jenna Haze – Eat my cunt! :)

I read in your bio that you were a straight "A" student in high school. Was school challenging for you or did you not pay much attention?

Jenna Haze – It wasn't very challenging to me and then I got into 7th grade and I discovered guys and I kind of got rid of everything else after that. I am sure you understand.

Your bio also says you spent a lot of time "reading and writing". What exactly?

Jenna Haze – Anne Rice, Stephen King, Dean Kontz, I have read some Shakespeare. I write poetry mostly and I write in my journal.  I pretty much write every day.

Is there any place we can see one of your poems?

Jenna Haze – No they are private.

So you can't recite one for us?

Jenna Haze – No I am not going to say one right now. :) They are love poems I am not going to say one.  Maybe someday I will publish a book but I am not going to say one right now.  I know I can fuck but I am not sure how well I can write.

What was it like to move from California to Minnesota while growing up?

Jenna Haze – Horrible.  It was absolutely horrible.  I never want to live out of California again.  But you know I say that and I also think I would like to live in B.C. Canada as well which is freezing cold as well. No but it was quite a shock to me.  We came back after six months.

What "clique" were you in during high school?

Jenna Haze – I was the girl that all the guys liked and all the girls hated.  I had friends from every group but they were mostly guys. Even though I didn't fuck all of them, most of them, but not all of them.

How hard was it to deal with everyone finding out you were bi-sexual in high school?

Jenna Haze – Very hard.  My best friend back-stabbed me and told everyone I was bi-sexual.  I would go into drama class and everyone would scream names at me like "bi-sexual whore".  It was just horrible.  That is one of the reasons I went on home studies.

Do you regret sleeping with a guy the first day of high school because of your previous boyfriend?

Jenna Haze – No I don't. DAMIT! I did it and I meant it.

When you first came into the industry you were definitely the "gonzo" girl. Then you went under contract. First off, why go from independent to contract?

Jenna Haze – Well you know I didn't want to go under contract from the time I started in this business and then I met Jill.  And JKP is run by a woman.  She cares about us.  I don't have to do anything I don't want to do. If I don't want to work with someone then I don't.  If I don't want to do something then I don't have to.  I wanted to start doing only girls and she said fine.  Plus she gives residuals.

You also started doing only girl-girl at the same time. Why did you decide to do that? Are you happy with your decision?

Jenna Haze – I have a boyfriend.  He is my cameraman and I love him.  I basically don't believe in having sex with other guys when I am in a serious relationship and I am very happy with my decision.

What games do you like to play on your Playstation 2?

Jenna Haze – Snow boarding, Golf, a lot of RPG's like Final Fantasy

Why do you hate liars? Do you ever see a time when you would want someone to lie to you?

Jenna Haze – Because it is just fucked up. I am so honest.  I don't believe in lying. I don't want anyone to ever lie to me.  Even if I look fat in a dress then just tell me.

Have you always been a "real potty mouth" or did you develop that in the industry?

Jenna Haze – I have always had a big potty mouth.  When I was a little girl I could never say "fork" properly.  I would always say "fuck" so my brother and sister were always going "Say fork" and I would go "fuck, fuck, fuck".

What have you learned since being in the industry that you wish you had known from the start?

Jenna Haze – I wish I had known that I didn't have to do guys and anal right from the very beginning. I would have worked my way up and I would have been a lot more picky about who I worked with at the very beginning. And how much I charged at first.  I also wouldn't have gotten an agent because you really don't need one and they basically suck.

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