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A Little Bit Of Calli Cox’s Time

Calli Cox at Shanes World 32 Release Party

How did you first get involved with Shane's World?

Calli Cox - Well I had done a few movies for them and I was at the point where I kind of wanted to move away from being talent and work behind the camera.  So I went to the people at Shane's World and we discussed a few options.  We knew that our press area was going to be getting kind of hectic due to some projects that we had been working on.  So we mutually agreed that it would be something I would try to do.  If it worked out ,great; if not I would try something else.  So far it has worked.

What do you think of the controversy surrounding Shane's World 32?

Calli Cox - I think it is good.  I think it is good to stir things up every once in a while.  I think that it makes people stop and think.  It makes them evaluate how they think about sex and the college age crowd having sex.  I think it is a good thing.  Anything that makes people stop and think and evaluate how they feel is a good thing.

Didn't you stop and look around at one point and say "What is the big deal?  The kids were having sex in the dorms any way."

Calli Cox - Yeah, I did.  I actually think I said that at one point.  Everything that happened was happening before we got there and is going to be happening after we left.  All we did was capture it on tape.

How have pre-orders been for this movie?

Calli Cox - We have had a lot of calls for this one.  So much so that we actually pushed up our release date.  I think this release is going to be very good for us.

Have you been having trouble getting on campus's after all the press?

Calli Cox - Not at all.  We are actually going somewhere tomorrow to shoot stuff for Shane's World 33.

Are you changing the way you are shooting now?  Not being so public when you go to a college?

Calli Cox - Not at all.

Are you going to avoid using dorm rooms now and stick with frat houses?

Calli Cox - Well it would probably be wiser to stick with off campus places but sometimes things just happen and you have to just go with it.

So this is a big event but where do you go from here?  What is next?

Calli Cox - Bigger and better.

Do you plan the movies out or do you just let it flow?

Calli Cox - Honestly a little bit of both.  Obviously there are some things we have to plan out because if not it would be such a fiasco.  But we try to make as much of it as spontaneous and realistic and fun as we can.   You know most of it is spontaneous though.  A lot of what we do just happens.  We just get a group of people together and we just wait and see where they take us.  And how they merge together and what they come up with.

Do you think Belladonna's Prime Time Live appearance is going to help or hurt you?

Calli Cox - I don't think it will affect it at all.

So as the head of Public Relations what are you going to do to move Shane's World along?

Calli Cox - I have a couple of big thinks cooking up.  A couple of things on the back burner.  Couple of very big mainstream press deals I am working out.  Shane's World has kind of been in the background in the past and we are definitely going to be one of the companies that is growing and coming together.

Does that have anything to do with the guy from Rolling Stone here tonight?

Calli Cox - No Comment (BIG SMILE)

Everyone seems to know the "Shane's World" Line but what other lines do you have?

Calli Cox - We also have Pornological, Slumber Party (all girl) and now Search & Destroy.

Search & Destroy?  What is that about?

Calli Cox - We have the Shane's World attack team.  It is a little more hard core than our other lines.  A little more anal, a little more gaping.  Things you don't really tend to see in our other lines.

A lot of people seem to have the image of Shane's World as the party company.  Not really geared to become a power house in the industry.  Is that an image you are going to try and overcome?

Calli Cox - I don't think we ever really want to loose that image that we are the party company.  Because that is what we do.  We have fun.  We want to become almost like a brand name.  When you hear Shane's World we want people to think, college, fun.

Well I will let you get back to your party.  Thank you for your time.


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